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October is a one-of-a-kind time of the year. It is well beloved, and for many good reasons. However, the biggest reason, arguably, is because October is the month of Halloween season. Halloween is an extremely beloved holiday because it is a time where everyone is permitted to embrace all of their greatest fears, and they aren't judged for their fears. Because of this, all kinds of Halloween-themed attractions begin to pop up all over the place such as Horror movies in the local movie theatres and costume parties. However, the most popular and beloved Halloween attraction would be the attraction genre of Haunted Houses.

Haunted Houses are more of a concept than anything else. Sure, they typically can be a re-purposed house or warehouse that has been decorated to resemble a terrifying, abandoned house filled with actors dressed to resemble ghosts, witches, monsters, and psychopaths, but they can really be any kind of terrifying environment. From Haunted Hospitals with abandoned medical equipment and insane doctors looking to find their next experiment subject, to Haunted Mad Houses with abandoned cells and actors portraying escaped mental patients and looking to terrify any and all who are brave enough to enter through the threshold. There are also Haunted Houses that aren't inside houses at all such as Haunted Forests, where a small section of a forest is decorated in terrifying Halloween decorations, and actors dressed as werewolves and people in gillie suits hop out from behind trees, catching guests by surprise, as well as Haunted Corn mazes, where actors are dressed as straw people or terrifying serial killers who follow the guests around the corn maze and try to find them--with the added element of terror of not knowing where the exit is. This can cause a great amount of anxiety and terror in any person who attends that Haunted House, and can bean extremely popular way to experience a Haunted environment.

Because of all of the different ways to experience Haunted Houses, it has made these awesome attractions one of the most popular attractions during the entire Halloween season. However, a big bummer about Haunted Houses is that they only come around once a year, and usually for only a period of about a month. Because of this, many people are frequently disappointed when leaving a Haunted House because they know that this may be the only time that they get to experience one for the entire year.

This is where renting a Party Bus comes in. Party Buses are large parties on wheels! By getting a group of about a dozen to two dozen friends together, you can party inside of one of the awesome vehicles with their multi-colored interior lights, state of the art built-in sound systems with auxiliary ports that are compatible with devices like laptops and iPhones, as well as built-in coolers that can store any drinks that you want. With that in mind, it is completely legal to drink on board of party buses.

This makes Party Buses and Haunted Houses best friends, in a sense. By renting a party bus to take you around to all of the best Haunted Houses in the area, you can truly experience Halloween in the best way possible. By getting together with a big group of your friends, you can sit back and relax, and give yourself the liquid courage you need to attend the next terrifying Haunted House.