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There are are generally two major events of a wedding that you must spend an enormous amount of time and diligence on, and they are formally known as the ceremony and reception. Let us touch on the topic of the reception event. One of the more fundamental aspects of a reception is, of course, the entertainment which is provided during the event. This aspect is so important because the proper entertainment will keep the audience which is composed of your honorable guests engaged in the event even in spite of delays and potential issues that may arise with vendors.

Generally, couples will choose between a band and a disc-jockey. Professional wedding bands cost quite a bit of dinero. Perhaps your budget is calling for a disc-jockey? Both options are great and serviceable, and meet the same general ends—just with different nuances along the way. San Francisco is positively a treasure trove of dependable professional wedding disc-jockeys. Below, we have provided a guide which we believe will help you immensely in your search.

For the first objective task, you will want to ask your friend, family, and loved ones for their disc-jockey recommendations. It will help to ask those who have been married recently, or have been involved in a wedding in some form. A good source of which we suggest you use is the venue coordinator of the reception hall itself—ask them for their referrals. Ideally, it would be advantageous for your disc-jockey to be familiar with the location.

You should cross reference these recommendations via online wedding websites, and add any candidates that interest you in potentially being the jockey for the job. Be sure to read through reviews and bridal testimonials as well as general information, and scour through videos and pictures of their performances and set up. This candidate should come with plenty of experience in the field if your preferential to a traditional wedding.

With that comes the second objective task, which is to call each candidate up, and schedule interviews with the ones that are available during the night of your wedding. You should only schedule appointments with the ones that are available on the date of your wedding, sometimes it helps to go through a particular production company. During your interview you should ask the candidate what gave them the impulse to become a DJ.

They should be passionate about music, and even more passionate about providing you with the exact wishes you have envisioned for your wedding. What are some of the DJ's favorite songs? If some of the songs they list are songs you do not particularly care for, then ask them if they will not play it during your wedding. If they are a professional, they will go above and beyond to meet your demands. Ask the DJ if they will handle the emcee duties for the reception, and if they will, ask them what their microphone style is. You should ask for a demonstration video of one of their past performances, and see how they operate.

If they refuse to provide a demonstration, something is obviously amiss, so you will not want to go further with this candidate. You should also get a picture of their setup, and stress that you do not want any self promotion during your wedding. Inquire into the candidate's equipment, and their level of knowledge with it. Before you choose a candidate, you should cover the cost, and compare them between each DJ. Some offer different packages, and some have different demands that are easier to meet. It all depends on what you can swing, and what is right for you.

The last objective task is to take some time to deliberate on which one of these candidates will be proficient at the duties of providing the wedding entertainment. It will help to deliberate with your partner, perhaps your parents or a planner if those conditions apply to the scenario. Once you have made your choice, get a contract, and have both parties sign. Keep in touch with the DJ over the course of the planning process so they do not forget your specific personality quirks. Now that you have the entertainment booked, you can envision how fun it is going to be to twist the night away with your partner and loved ones during your reception!