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Wedding Videographers

When it comes to your wedding, do you consider the hiring of a videographer a must or unnecessary. If we could put you face to face with the thousands of couples who did not hire a videographer only to regret it, we believe you would consider it a must hire. There are so many things about your wedding day that you will miss. Let's face it, you are in a different frame of mind as you are experiencing your day and there are hundreds of moments that you are going to totally miss. The only way that you will be able to experience those moments is for them to be captured on video.

Think about all of those family members that join you for your special day, won't it be great to view what they were up to at your reception. Another factor that many people don't consider is how important sound is. You will be able to relive those touching toasts that were made by family and friends at your reception. You will also be able to relive your vows and watch how nervous you were. But more than anything, the sheer fact of it being a mini movie of motion pictures is worth the price of admission.

Still photography just can't do for you what videography can. And add to this the beautiful backdrop of the San Francisco area and you really have something to be proud. So, hopefully if you weren't convinced already of your need for a videographer, you are now. In order to help you find the professional who can capture and create a video you will be more than satisfied with, here are a few tips to follow when you are searching around the San Francisco area.

It is always best to get a word of mouth recommendation if you can. So, if you are going to start anywhere in your search, we suggest that you talk to friends, family, or coworkers and see if they have ever viewed any wedding videos that absolutely blew them away. You can also visit wedding vendor websites like The Wedding Wire. Sites like these often allow you to narrow your search to the area where your wedding will be. Another potential source are your other wedding vendors.

For instance, your wedding venue may be familiar with some high quality videographers who have captured weddings at your venue. Once you have a few high quality candidates that you would like to check out further, contact each one to see if they are available on your wedding day. If they are, then find a time and place where you can interview the potential videographer. Before you go to your first interview, do some research on videography styles. Get to know some of the vocabulary that you might be hearing in your interviews. Ask each candidate that you interview what their style is. You need to make sure that you know which style you tend to gravitate to and that the videographer that you are considering is able to create a video using that style.

Ask all of your candidates to bring at least two full videos of past weddings as well as edited wedding movies. The full videos will reveal how they operate and what they are looking for when they are capturing footage at a wedding. Find out how much experience they have. How many weddings do they shoot per year? Where did they receive their training? Are they certified by any organization? In terms of their personality, make sure that you really like how they treat you as a person.

Remember, you will be working with this person on and off throughout your big day and they will be interacting with your guests. Always ask for references. When you call their references, have a nice chat about what the former clients thought about how they went about their business and if there were any problems.

Take a look at their videography packages. Tell them your budget and compare the packages you like to your budget. Is there anything missing from the package you like that you had your heart set on? If so, ask them if their packages can be customized at all. But more than anything, if you feel like you find someone who has the talent and style to pull off what you want and you also have a comfort level with them, then it is time to put a deposit down and ask for a written contract. You won't regret this hire when you want to play your wedding movie over and over again.